These are “collective” investments. Individual investors, such as you, pool their money into funds looked after by professional managers. Investment can be either by lump sum payments or regular. Periodic amounts. There are many unit trusts & OEIC designed for the personal investor to tailor plans and meet specific individual needs.

There is a wide variety of choice – many funds offer growth or income through UK and overseas markets, some offer a spread of investment via international unit trusts in Portfolio Trusts and others provide Ethical investment trusts.

Ethical trusts invest only in companies which make a positive contribution to society whilst seeking to avoid investment in companies which harm the world, its people of wildlife.

Where a trust invests overseas its value, and any income from it, can go up and down simply because of changes in currency exchange rates.

The Investment Portfolio bond can be used as an ideal tax reduction vehicle. “Clustering” is available to reduce the impact of income tax on full or partial encashment and incorporating the bond into a Discretionary Will Trust or Loan Trust scheme can be effective in reducing inheritance tax.

As we continue to remind everyone the value of these investments is not guaranteed. It will go up and down depending on performance.