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PENSION “FREEDOMS” KEY FACTS > Anyone aged 55 or over can now take the whole of their pension savings as a lump sum.

The first 25% is tax free – the rest is taxed at the income tax rates applying in the tax year you take your money.


This does not apply to state paid pensions or pensions paid based on a percentage of your “final salary”.

“Pension Freedoms” bring many options available to you including……

1. Leave the money invested and only take out what you need when you need it.

2. Take the full 25% tax free immediately and leave the rest invested to take when you need it BUT REMEMBER – once you take the full 25% tax free cash ALL future withdrawals from your remaining money will be fully taxable.

3. If you want secure certainly about your future pension income in retirement you can take the full 25% tax free cash immediately and give up the rest to buy a “pension for life” called an annuity. If you have health problems you may get a higher annuity rate. This is called an “impaired life” annuity.


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The current maximum limit for investment into ALL pension plans is £60,000 p.a. from 6th April 2023.

If the annual allowance has not been used up fully in any one tax year the unused portion may be carried forward and added to the annual allowance for a future tax year BUT “terms & conditions” apply in small print.

All the plans explained below are historic. Many have been combined into new arrangements over the years. Also remember that pensions legislation is subject to ongoing change and you should contact us for access to specific advice to meet your own needs and requirements.

* Personal “Stakeholder” Pensions
* Self Invested Personal Pension Plan (SIPP)
* Retirement Annuity Contracts
* Executive Pension Plans
* Final salary schemes
* Small Self Administered Scheme (SSAS)

Please note:
Throughout this section the regulations governing “20% directors” (i.e. those who have at least a 20% equity shareholding in the company concerned) are in many ways greatly different from all other members of pension schemes. It is imperative that such directors take particular care regarding pension planning.