ALL employers – no matter how small – are required by law to file details of PAYE wages and
salaries EVERY TIME payment is made “…..on or before…..” payment.  That could be monthly, weekly, daily or
whatever period you pay yourself and your staff.

It’s no use waiting till after the money has been paid.


Along with details of wages and salaries all employers are also required to give the government more information than before.

Like the number of hours worked by staff.

All notifications to the taxman are required online using special software.


Do not be misguided – there is NO “6 month wait”. ALL employers are required to make these
online submissions IMMEDIATELY


Are you an employer? Are you set up for this? Ready to go?

If you want help with this then call us.

The payroll can be a time-consuming exercise each month taking you away from what you do best – running your business.

Let us take this administrative task off your hands.

From the information and documents you supply we can provide all services in connection with running your company’s payroll including-

> Making arrangements to allow for all deductions to be made from pay (including income tax, National Insurance, pension contributions, repayments of previous loans/advances from employer etc.).

> Preparation and provision of payslips for staff.

> Calculating/providing details of company payments required to H. M. Revenue & Customs and net pay figures for staff.

> Provision of individual listings giving full breakdown of all payments to employees and H. M. Revenue & Customs, giving details of each individual’s gross pay, tax, NI and the employer’s NI due on each salary.

> Advising, in advance, on the timing of payments to H. M. Revenue & Customs each month to avoid late settlement interest charges, penalties etc.

> At the end of each tax year we will deal with preparation of the employer’s annual summary Return forms P60 and all associated paperwork by the statutory filing deadline If required, we will also supply details of book keeping entries required and advice for your company internal accounts department (or external accountants) to ensure your records are kept up to date at all times.

Our experience shows that every company will operate its systems differently. We will therefore tailor a package to meet your company’s specific needs and requirements.

Many payroll bureaux and other organisations will provide some of these services (although not all of them). This can often be for an initial “set up” fee at the outset, a fixed monthly charge (irrespective of the size of the organisation) and then probably another fee again at the end of each tax year for completion of the “end of year” documents.

We feel that it is fairer for all concerned if an hourly charging rate is applied for all work, irrespective of its nature. By this means the charge will be directly related to the amount of work involved and there will be no confusion over what is, and what is not, included in a fixed fee.

The hourly rate varies from time to time but it will be discussed at the initial meeting with us. We will also be able to give you an estimate of the likely costs involved before we undertake the payroll work.