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In addition to areas mentioned specifically on other pages of this site we can guide in business and financial matters including those shown below. This list is representative only and not exhaustive. If you have issues in financial or computer topics not dsescribed we can be of help. Please contact us.

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Company formation and other statutory/compliance work
Companies can be formed both “off the shelf” and “special formation”. Individual requirements dictate the fees charged and everything is discussed in advance of this work so costs can be quantified. The formation of a company with a name of your own choice may be possible and can be combined with advice relating to any future WEB site for the company (see below). Our work will include the formation of the company, the supply of all relevant documentation, statutory records, company seal etc. and completion/filing of any required legal forms with Companies House.

Protection for unexpected events
We can provide you with guidance and information on a range of protection plans for the individual and for business (incorporating permanent health insurance, critical illness cover, little term assurance and decreasing term assurance)
Whole of life protection
Family income protection
Company “keyman” protection

You can mix and match the elements of this plan to cover specific needs in your life.

Choose various levels of cover and other contract terms for any or all of the following:

Permanent Health Insurance

When illness or disability strikes it is important that regular income continues. This plan includes all appropriate advice is given to you to replace such income. It may even be possible to arrange premiums charged for protection plans to be guaranteed at the outset for the entire length of the contract.

Critical Illness Cover

This protection pays a lump sum on diagnosis of any one or more of the main killers in the UK (including stroke, renal failure, heart disease, MS and cancer). Payment is also made if a permanently disabling condition is suffered (loss of 2 or more limbs, loss of hearing, loss of sight etc.). The cash can be used for private medical treatment, repayment of a mortgage or any other purpose as you choose.

Level Term Assurance

If life cover is required this is one of the most flexible and cheapest forms of cover available. Cover is provided for a small fixed amount over a fixed period of time.

Decreasing Term Assurance

This cover reduces in line with a “repayment” the basis mortgage to make sure that, at all times, the loan is repaid if death occurs before full repayment.

Executive Permanent Health Insurance

As with permanent protection (see above) this plan covers serious illness or disability that prevents continuance of work. If the income of the company depends upon a given the senior person, representative or executive, the company income could fall if that person becomes seriously ill or unable to do their work. This plan protects the company and makes sure income continues thereby enabling the company to employ a replacement specialist and continue payment of sick pay to the member staff who is away ill.

The company receives this money from the provider free of tax.

Whole of life protection plan
This plan combines the most flexible form of life cover with a small amount of investment. This plan can accommodate future changes in lifestyle, finances and other circumstances and may be changed to increase/reduce the liner protection as may be required from time to time.

Family income protection
Rather than provide a lump sum, such as most life cover, this plan seeks to provide a regular income in the event of death for a fixed term. On death the plan can be competed for a lump sum, as an alternative, thereby giving beneficiaries another option.

Company “keyman” protection
If your company is dependent upon certain key employees all members of staff the company could suffer in the event of the death of that person or persons. This plan provides the company with a lump sum on the death of the specified individual(s). A company can then use that money to whatever purpose it sees fit perhaps to buy in the appropriate expertise to replace the person who has died, invest in new plant/machinery/equipment or to perhaps repay bank borrowings or other debts.

Computers (also design and build), website/e-mail/ISP advice
Having trouble with your home or office PC and/or network? Let us know. We have qualified PC & network staff and associates who can advise, build/repair/maintain your IT structure.

We can also help keep it clean from infections due to spyware, virus, trojan, adware and other “malware” that can infect your computer systems. It is important for your business to keep up to date with the latest strategies for computer protection & malware prevention.

We can also provide advice on designing and/or setting out a web site for your business, preservation of your own personal web site address, e-mail facilities and associated matters.

….and finally, in case you wondered …. no, we do not know how to stop crazy Texas raspberry ants infecting your computers.